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Ever Changing Scenes (ECS) is a Shoreditch based audio-visual design house specializing in motion design, film production and innovative branding. ECS was founded by Carlo Rossi and Soichi Matsumoto (Quadroptica) who between them have over 20 years experience in motion and sound design. They created ECS to bring their love of experimental film and live electronic music together and explore unique ways of mixing art and sound

Today, their foundations have flourished, whether creating film content for concerts, video installations for the arts, music videos within the entertainment industry or tailoring brands for bespoke events inside the corporate market they pride themselves as a continually evolving company with a passion for pushing the boundries of multimedia, so if your interested in exploring new frontiers and broadening your creative pool or if you just want to chat about an idea, we’d love to hear from you


Carlo Rossi and The Organic Jam present from ECS on Vimeo.
Dervish Is Digital: Our new project which sees VJ Soichi Matsumoto & The Organic Jam perform 
with the sacred Whirling Dervishes. Director/Editor: Soichi Matsumoto

Kizuna trailer from Quadroptica on Vimeo.
Trailer for 'Kizuna' produced for a ballet performance by Fran Goteburg for
Stockholm's Stenhammarsalen in Konserthuset, Gothenburg, Sweden to raise
funding for Japan's earthquake victims. Director/Editor: Soichi Matsumoto

FashionEXPO 07 Platform fashion show from Quadroptica on Vimeo.
Intro produced for Platform fashion show at the FashionEXPO 07 at the Design 
Centre on 4th and 5th of November 2007. Director/Editor: Soichi Matsumoto.

Talvin Singh presents TaBtek 'Chill' from Quadroptica on Vimeo.
Material used for Talvin Singh's multimedia project, Tabtek. 
Music composed by Oskar Vizan. Director/Editor: Soichi Matsumoto.

april/2010 face:on from Quadroptica on Vimeo.
Soi created a promo for Hear Colours and their installation project, Face:on. Face:on 
is an interactive art installation that incorporates a 3D model of a face that can 
morph through interaction from the audience. Director/Editor: Soichi Matsumoto.

FashionExpo 08 Profile/Platform Fashion Show from Quadroptica on Vimeo.
Profile/Platform fashion show. FashionExpo at the Design Centre, Islington, 19th 
November 2008. www.hearcolours.com. Director/VJ/Editor: Soichi Matsumoto.

Vision One Deep Space from Quadroptica on Vimeo.
Soi produced, filmed and edited a video for laughing Buddha and Hear 
Colors' DVD release of 'Vison One' which was recorded in 5.1 sound.
Director/Editor: Soichi Matsumoto.

Trash City, Roundhouse, Camden from Frolic Productions on Vimeo.
Hear Colours created a video installation for Trash City which launched a month long
'contemporary circus festival, aptly enough in a ravished landscape
VJ/Editor: Soichi Matsumoto.

spring rising from Quadroptica on Vimeo.
One of the pieces i created for the pianist Syuzanna that was held in the Prince 
Charles Theatre in Soho. One of the most spectacular child prodigies in the world, 
12 year old Syuzanna began performing aged 5, won her 1st major competition 
aged 8 and was admitted to the renowned Moscow Conservatory aged 9. She 
recently the Konzerteum Award in Greece and the Nikolai Rubinstein award in 
Paris. Syuzanna has performed all over the globe, for Vladamir Putin to Gerhard 
Schroder. Director/Editor: Soichi Matsumoto.

Talvin Singh presents Tablatronic USA/Canada tour 2010 from Quadroptica on Vimeo.
A segment from the film Soichi specially created to accompany Talvin Singh's 
US tour 2010.Director/Editor: Soichi Matsumoto.

urban screen from Quadroptica on Vimeo.
Visual show by Hear Colours for "Urban Screen 2010" held in the historic center
Plaza de Santa Maria in which Artists are invited from all around the world to show 
work that interacts urban architecture and 3D mapping technologies. 
Editor: Soichi Matsumoto.

plateaux "atlantik" from Quadroptica on Vimeo.
Plateaux "atlantik" 
Music: Oskar Vizan.
Video: Soichi Matsumoto.

"My Show Reel in One Minute." showreel preview from Quadroptica on Vimeo.
As it says on the title, my show reel condensed into a minute. 
Music: 'Watersong" by Thomas Brinkman taken from album 'Tokyo+1' (max.Ernest).
Editor: Soichi Matsumoto.

Biography of Soichi Matsumoto: 

Soichi began as a freelance video maker/editor after completing his MA in DMI (digital moving image) at London's Guildhall in 2001. Quadroptica was set up by Soichi and his colleagues as a one off VJ outfit in 2002.  The success of his first gig was so huge (much to do with his totally unique film take on VJing) it lead to bigger and bolder projects. A new found passion in live visuals has kept Quadroptica going ever since, performing countless shows at many of the biggest festivals and clubs across the globe including four years residency at the UK's infamous Glade Festival. In the last four years, Soichi has expanded from live visuals to video designing music videos, concert visuals, brand launches and fashion shows. In 2006 he founded Ever Changing Scenes with Carlo Rossi. 

ever changing scenes: portfolio

MITSUBISHI iCAR press launch from Quadroptica on Vimeo.
We were approached by Rouge to create a visual show for the press launch of the 
Mitsubishi Hybrid iCAR. Our brief was to show the iCAR in relationship to Japans 
urban and future-looking youth culture and to challenge the auto-marketplace to 
think outside of the cultural boundaries that often blind them to new ideas. 
Utilizing the iCAR's ad-campaign graphics and cinema/tv ads we were given free 
reign to deconstruct and animate their graphics and ads. Delving into Japan's 
passion for design we chose to juxtapose imagery of iCAR's hybrid technology and 
Japan's Y-generation and their breaking of tradition and reinvention of world fashions.
Animation: Soichi Matsumoto / Carlo Rossi.
Editor: Soichi Matsumoto.

Winter Wonderland -E:CUBE- from Quadroptica on Vimeo.

E:Cube E25 from ECS on Vimeo.

E:Cube Relaix and Chateaux from ECS on Vimeo.

ECS were commisioned by Evensus Events to create an 15m video art installation 

inside an inflatable white cube that moonlighted as a shell fish bar and concert space next to the 

Serpentine Gallery. The E:Cube opened from November 21st 2010 through to January 5th 2011 

and had over 5000 attendees. The installation explored the theme of winter. The  installation was 

sponsored by Relais Chateaux and the super car company E-Curie 25. We also created soft 

advertising ads (above) for the sponsors that would appear every 30 minutes.

Direction: Soichi Matsumoto / Carlo Rossi.
Editor: Soichi Matsumoto.

A Night of Exploration & The National History Museum from ECS on Vimeo.

Celebrating 100 years of exploration we were asked by the NHM to create a visual 
journey through man's exploration into the unchartered. The film covering the ocean,
highest mountains and space was performed at the anniversary party held at the NHM
with The Organic Jam. 
Direction: Soichi Matsumoto / Carlo Rossi
Editor: Carlo Rossi.

GM Style 07 Dubai from Quadroptica on Vimeo.
Vivacious Events approached us to put together a live visual show for GM Style 
event that would combine Dubai's embracing of its past and of its future. We were 
commissioned to edit and fuse the imagery from such ground-breaking films as 
Baraka, Powaaqatsi and Koyaanisqatsi, in order to convey their subconscious 
message; the world as one organism. We selectively mixed together imagery 
of Arabic culture and sustainable natural resources that are ever so presently 
becoming the future energys of the world. Showcasing GM's concept hybrid - 
the Chevrolet Volt, the event was held at The Madinet Jumeriah where Soichi
VJ'd the visuals to The Organic Jam

Direction: Soichi Matsumoto / Carlo Rossi
Editor: Soichi Matsumoto

Teletext relaunch. from Quadroptica on Vimeo.

We were asked by Teletext to create an environmental space that showed
the new teletext to be as simple as water, always fluid and filling every 
space it inhabits while always being as clear as sky. The relaunch was held
at Sketch in Conduit St where they have 12 projectors that project onto all 
four walls to crate an overall feel of being immersed inside water. The visuals 
were mixed live by Soichi to set by The Organic Jam
Direction: Soichi Matsumoto / Carlo Rossi
Editor: Soichi Matsumoto

Steelcase Solutions promo from Quadroptica on Vimeo.

Direction: Soichi Matsumoto / Carlo Rossi.
Editor: Soichi Matsumoto.

Delonghi/Cool Brands from Quadroptica on Vimeo.

Direction: Soichi Matsumoto / Carlo Rossi.
Editor: Soichi Matsumoto.

Maquerade from ECS on Vimeo.

Direction: Soichi Matsumoto / Carlo Rossi
Editor: Soichi Matsumoto

Stills of ECS and The Organic Jam performing at the National History Museum 
for the launch of '100 Years of Exploration' hosted by Sir David Attenbourough.

Stills of ECS and The Organic Jam performing at the WTTS Awards. Dubai.

 Stills of the Teletext re-launch at Sketch 2010.


Stills of ECS performing at the Quaboos Awards 2011 in Muscat, Oman.

Poster for the opening of the E:Cube in Hyde Park, London.

'Champagne Pommery, Supercar Club Ecurie 25 and Relais Chateaux are set to sponsor the award-winning Evensus E:Cube bar this winter in London’s Hyde Park.
With Pommery’s Brut Royal in full flow, an indulgent bar menu on offer and performances by The Organic Jam, a collaboration of London’s top DJs and live musicians, the ‘igloo style’ E:Cube will be the coolest place to eat, drink and play this Christmas.  Located in the park's Winter Wonderland, the E:Cube is an entirely white, innovative structure, designed by Evensus Creative Event Management to host a wide range of events throughout the year.
Visitors’ unique experience will be enhanced by the screening of experimental video Art by Europe’s best digital artists lead by mercury prize winner Talvin Singh's video director Soichi Matsunoto and the ambient-style house music of The Organic Jam, a progressive concept created by Carlo Rossi, which sees renowned live musicians accompany London’s top DJs - giving the E:Cube a distinctly contemporary and sophisticated feel.
E:Cube’s exclusive grand opening will take place the evening of Thursday 18 November. It will open daily to the public from 19 November until 4 January 2011, from 10am to 10pm'.

To book, either use this link to make a request or email ecube@evensus.com with your details'.

Christian Rose-Day. Fluid Style.com

Soichi Matsumoto's latest projects: 

F.Liszt "Consolation №3" performed by the remarkable 12 year old Syuzanna Rudanovskaya. Video Art by Soichi Matsumoto. Prince Charles Theatre. Leicester Square. LondonMay 03, 2008.


Talvin Singh's Tabtek project LIVE @ LOVEBOX. Video Art by Soichi Matsumoto.


Soichi Matsumoto VJing @ Oxjam 2010 for FAITHLESS, ZERO 7 & HERVE @ The Coronet.

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